Friday, November 9, 2007

you intoxicate my soul with your eyes



catherine of sienna

wanchai district hong kong

chocolate truffels that i made for the office

the universal antidote

is it a cat or bunny with googly eyes

tin tan en el gato sin botas


tin tan en la marca del zorrillo

medico las locas

patty poopy and her pup patrick

bambi smelling nature

drunk bunny with vintage eyes

parisian deer ooolala

pray to st anthony tin

lulu the primitive pup

miles as the colonial dog

lonely monkeyhouse

this was a mural for the company of angels theater


reagan and stanley

fort smith military church

downtown fort smith tennis pro

fort smith downtown

here fishy fishy

el corazon

if their wings burn, i know i am not to blame

el loco

la emperatriz